Lorenzin, "Abolire i ticket si puo', basta spendere meno"

Rome, March 13, 2017 - "The ticket system needs to be revised, and in the Health Pact there is also a plan to do so," but it should be coordinated with all tax reform. " This is what Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin said in an interview. " There are realities, such as Sicily and Campania, where patients spend on average less than 10 euros per head each year, and others like Veneto, Tuscany, Emilia, where the data Exceeds 35 euros. Among the regions there are salaries and taxes - said the minister - Unfortunately, we have poorer, and therefore more exempt, but also tax evasion bags.In Article 8 of the Health Pact, we had undertaken, with the Regions, to review the ticket in light of demographic changes and the new difficulties faced by many people who have lost their jobs or are in a large family. That part has remained unapplied, because it is anchored to tax reform, and it will be a theme to engage ourselves this year. Then we can do more on another face. "

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